Tablebooker launches ios app

The first iPhone App in BE that allows food lovers to see in real time which restaurants have a table available.

Tablebooker launches ios app

Tablebooker, the super fast online reservation tool for restaurants and their customers, launches a handy tablebooker app. It is the first iPhone application in Belgium that allows food lovers to see in real time which restaurants have a table available, and to make a reservation immediately. Moreover, you immediately receive a confirmation of your reservation by SMS or e-mail. 

So, you’re sitting somewhere having an aperitif and you get a gnawing hunger? The app shows you which restaurants in the neighborhood are open and have a table free, and with the reservation function you can immediately make one of them yours. Without phone calls, without e-mails, without waiting.

But tablebooker does not only want to make life easier for the Belgian foodie. There is also a solution for the Belgian restaurateur. The gentlemen of tablebooker created ‘tablemanager’: a tool for the restaurant owner to manage all reservations 24/7 and to schedule his restaurant optimally and automatically every day. This allows the restaurant owner to fully concentrate on an innovative menu and excellent service, without a constantly ringing telephone or a bulging mailbox.

Jurgen Lijcops of The Glorious-the rising star according to the experts of Gault Millau- is already enthusiastic:

I think Tablebooker is a great product. It saves me a lot of time, my customers are enthusiastic about the automatic confirmation and more people book through the website every month!

For restaurant visitors, there was already the handy website Just like the app, you can easily search by location or restaurant and immediately see if there is a table available for you and your party. With one push on the button you can make a reservation and receive immediate confirmation. At the moment, you can already find about a hundred high-quality addresses, mainly in Antwerp and Leuven. In addition, there are about 50 new addresses waiting to be put online. But Tablebooker plans to conquer the whole of Belgium, starting in Antwerp and Leuven.

In Antwerp, well-known culinary addresses such as l’Epicerie du cirque, De Kleine Zavel and The Glorious already strongly believe in the concept. But also the better brasseries such as Josephine’s restaurant and Brasserie Appelmans are members of the tablebooker community. Those looking for a quicker meal can make reservations at nice places like Berlin and Lucy Chang, to name a few.

Download the tablebooker app as fast as you can, or go to the tablebooker website to see the full list of restaurants.

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