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Tablemanager makes reservations easier for 3280 restaurants.

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Tablemanager is a convenient online booking system for restaurant owners. Collect all your reservations in one system, and save a lot of time by the simplified handling of your incoming reservations!

Paul Slootmans
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With a large track record in the restaurant business we decided to built a team of  restaurant keepers and IT developers to make the most user friendly restaurant reservation system. Easy to work with, very stable and flexible for your needs: service and support included so no surprises.

We do so by combining the power of the latest technology with our thorough knowledge of the restaurant market. Online reservations have become a major part of doing business so let  us help you with you reservation management and revenue drivers.  You’ll have more  time to invest in your business and yourself.

Tablemanager makes reservations easier for more than 3000 restaurants and their customers.

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A sample of our management universe specially designed for restaurants. gives you an exhaustive list of the coolest places close to you.


Tablemanager is the leading, easy-to-use, custom-designed online reservation software for restaurants.


Because to exist on the internet… you have to be seen! It is essential for any professional to have their own website.


RestoDays is the biggest culinary event held in Belgium and Luxembourg where you can enjoy a lunch or dinner at ultra-light prices.


With RestoGiftCrads you can buy a gift card for your favorite restaurant quick and easy.


Our management universe is specially designed for restaurants in order to help out our customers to achieve mainstream visibility.

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