Monitor the data that matters for the proper management of your restaurant’s customer reviews.

Tablemanager means —

Build your reputation

With Feedback system that will allow you to regain control and give you the taste to interact with your customers.

Listening skills —

To evolve

Today, we live in an era where every opinion count. Everyone wants to make their voice heard and above all to be listened to.

At Tablebooker, we take your opinions into account, that’s how we evolve and we are sure that you too, can’t help but read from time to time the comments of your customers online.

Control tools —

Improve the customer experience

These are positive or negative, under pseudonyms or not, objective or not, there is everything. Sometimes, you even try to remember who the customer was, who put his comment, if he really came to visit your restaurant. At times, you find yourself with comments on several different sites and you can’t manage. You then decide to ignore their reviews.

However, these reviews can boost you, make you happy and accompany you every day and are therefore important for the customer experience.

With Tablebooker, we have set up a feedback system that will allow you to regain control and will give you again the taste to interact with your customers.

Stay visible —

With a targeted communication system

Indeed, the day after his online booking, the customer receives an automatic email where he can describe his experience. His opinion can be shared on your website or on your Facebook page. Once completed, you will find his comment linked to his reservation and his contact information. You will also be able to reply to them directly, add a comment to their booking form and send them files.

Everything is centralized. Bonus, if you want to invite him to put a comment on Google, TripAdvisor etc., it is possible to add an invitation to this effect in the Feedback email!

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