Application for restaurant

Online & real-time booking experience

Make reservations at your restaurant easy from anywhere at anytime.

Tablemanager means —

All-in-one booking engine

By connecting all your reservation channels to your Tablemanager account for restaurants, you can better manage your answers, directly from a single app

Whether your customers book from your website, or from a local restaurant directory, their requests pop up in real time in Tablemanager.

Web forms —

Restaurant reservation forms for websites

Our fast online reservation tool can be easily implemented on any website. It verifies the availability of your restaurant tables in real-time. The customers receive automatic confirmations following your actions within the app.

Take your customer’s reservations or orders on the spot. 

Media reservations —

Receive bookings from all Social Networks

Activate our Tablemanager application to trigger the display of our booking engine in your Facebook Page Messenger, Instagram and Google.

Let Social Network users book a table at your restaurant with all kinds of connection possibilities and promote your restaurant menu and agenda from your public account or from your posts.

Young manager of restaurant consulting clients on the phone in front of laptop
Phone reservations —

Free yourself from some tasks

Our telephone Tablephone system will allow you to free yourself from certain tasks so that you can concentrate on what is important for you, your restaurant management, your food, your menu, your staff, …

Boost your restaurant

Tablemanager is the fastest growing online reservation system on the market.

Give it a try !

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