Loyal customers

Our restaurant management application helps business owners and managers to delight and retain your customers.

Tablemanager, is —

Get to know your customers better

It consists above all in knowing their profiles, what interests them, but above all their needs and expectations.

Improve —

Strengthen your customers loyalty

We all know the expression “The customer is the king”. Today, your customers’ expectations are constantly evolving. Each customer is unique and has different needs. 

We know that you are doing everything in your power to offer a quality service to each of your customers and this requires extra efforts from you and your team every day!

Manage better —

Your customer database

In order to help you with this, our booking tool has a feature for your customers. The more information you have about your customers, the more special they will feel 

Indeed, you will find their remarks about their expectations, their allergens, the possibility to add your comments to improve their experience and thus increase your customers’ loyalty.

Offer —

A better experience

Imagine Mr. & Mrs. Smith coming back to your restaurant for the second time after 3 months.

Thanks to Tablebooker, you know what their favourite table is and what Mr. Smith’s allergies are, without them having to remind you of their preferences at the time of booking.

We are sure that this will improve their experience and increase your chances to keep them. Moreover, a little heart will be displayed when they decide to comeback several times in your restaurant.

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