Optimize your daily tasks

Manage all your bookings and tables within the app.

Tablemanager means —

Get a grip on the management of your restaurant

Get a clear overview of your restaurant space, tables and agenda and share it across your teams. 

Create, visualize, update, and delete any reservation

Send custom confirmation emails and notifications to your customers based on your respective actions following their reservation request.

01 — Customers

Table Management software

Our fast online reservation tool verifies the availability of your restaurant. The customer receives automatic and immediate confirmation.

Take your customer’s reservation or order on the spot.

Get a graphic overview of your restaurant seating plan and optimize your table occupation with our squeeze time schedule. 

02 — Food & beverages

Menu builder for restaurant

Create your menu online in just a few clicks.

Keep it updated on your website, your Tablebooker page and your Facebook pageYou can also create a menu as a QR code to display on your tables.

03 — Users & shifts

Manage user roles and staff shifts

Our cloud-based solution helps restaurant owners to create as many users as your staff requires, as well as give them several rights according to their management responsibility.

You will also get a clear overview of your employees shifts allowing you to know who participated to determined tasks.  

04 — Easy Integrations

Connect & plug your restaurant to many platforms

Tablemanager has connections with a wide range of booking platforms, hospitality systems and marketing tools.

Promote your offers through the best-performing marketing channels of today

We are always looking to add new partners to make your experience as easy as possible.


Setup —

Tablemanager offers:

+ 3000 restaurants managing more than 2 million reservations a month

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